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Square Photobook

Light and flexible thanks to its soft cover, allowing you to conveniently relive your memories!


Adhesive binding with a softcover
Square format (approx. 20.5 x 20.5 cm)
24 - 200 pages

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Order your photo book now with up to 200 pages!

This high-quality photo book features fixed adhesive binding and a flexible softcover. The adhesive binding ensures that the cover and all of the inner pages are firmly connected, which makes the photo book very robust. The cover is flexible and features a gloss coating. As a result, your photo book looks like a paperback book. Its also very light and can be freely designed.

Your photos play the main role in your photo book. You can decorate them with fantastic frame, corner and mask effects. You can also use a background on each page. Feel free to add as much text as you like and decorate your book with suitable graphics. The page layouts help you arrange the photos and text in your book.

You can also give your book a special theme such as Baby or Wedding. By selecting a theme, the book is automatically enhanced with design elements such as suitable backgrounds, effects, page layouts and graphics. This provides you with a lovely design template that you can customise at will with photos and text.