Delivery times

The following delivery times and the delivery times explained in the order system are related to orders that purely contain the selected product (single-type order).

The delivery time is calculated from the production time plus the terms of our shipping partners (Hermes UK/Yodel/). Following production, a shipping time of 4 days is expected.

Production time + shipping terms = delivery time

Orders with different products and delivery times are possible (mixed order). We send them together in one collective shipment. The delivery time of the mixed order depends on the specification of the product with the longest delivery time, plus the shipping terms of max. 2 days.

The product group "Canvas prints & maxi-formats" is excluded from the collective shipment. A mixed order is still possible, but this will be done as a partial delivery (see the note of the same name). For a partial delivery (required to be a single-type part), the delivery times for the individual product applies.

When ordering several products (mixed order), only the highest individual shipping cost is due once for the entire order.

The delivery time begins on the day after the conclusion of the contract and expires when the last day of the specified period ends. Deliveries do not takes place on Sundays or holidays.

Product group, Production time

  • Prints, 2
  • Posters, 3
  • Canvas prints, 3
  • Large formats, 5
  • Photo books*, 3
  • Quickbook photo books, 2
  • Calendars, 3
  • Photo gifts**, 3
  • Phone cases, 3
  • Photo greeting cards, 3


  • *Hardcover A4 landscape, hardcover XL square, hardcover A3 landscape: 5
  • ** Shower curtain: 7

Please observe the deviating order deadlines for punctual delivery before Christmas. They will be accounted for separately and punctually.

Delivery country

We only deliver to the addresses you supply within UK.

Partial delivery

An individual order can be separated into several partial deliveries (e.g. maxi-format and deductions) due to the different production locations of certain product groups. This does not incur any additional shipping costs. Conflating several orders at a later time or manually is not possible due to the system.

Shipping providers

The Lidl photo service currently ships using the following shipping partners in UK:

  • Letters: Yodel
  • Packages: Hermes UK
  • Maxi-formats: Hermes UK

The type of shipping and packaging always depends on the products and quantity ordered.

Shipping and additional costs

You will not incur any additional costs in addition to the shipping costs. The packaging costs are already contained in the shipping costs. You will receive a list of all items and costs upon completion of your order. You can find the shipping costs by product group in the price list ( When ordering several products (mixed order), only the highest individual shipping cost is due once for each applicable product group.

Express delivery

We do not currently offer express delivery.


Asterisk texts / Legal Notice

Unless expressly indicated otherwise all prices include VAT, delivery costs not included. See our price list for details. Prices incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging.