Why do I have to register?

In order to carry out your order successfully, we require certain information from you. To save from having to enter this information for every order, we have set up a Registration page. By clicking on "My Account" on your next visit to Lidl-photos, you can log in with your email address and assigned password. You can also begin the order process without registering. During the order process, you will automatically be prompted to register if your information is required. Your information is stored securely in our system and can be retrieved for every order. This information is only used to process the orders and is not passed on to third parties.

By registering, you can see all of the information on your order through your user account and follow the progress of your order.


Can I change or delete my information?

You can change your information at any time by clicking on "my user account" after registering, here you can make the relevant modifications. You can also subscribe to our newsletterIn order to delete your user account, please send a request to our service team with the contact form.


I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click the "forgotten your password?" Link in the "My Account" section". On the "forgotten password" page, simply enter your email address and click on "request a new password". You will then be sent a new password. We recommend that you change the password that you are sent after entering it for the first time.


Ordering and delivery

What order possibilities are there?

It's easy to place an order via our order software. This is free and can be downloaded from our website. You can also place an order through the website.


What image formats are there?

We offer variable formats due to the various aspect ratios that come from digital and analogue cameras. This creates a classic analogue camera image with an aspect ratio of 2:3 and the format of a digital camera mainly with a ratio of 3:4.

If you would now like to print an existing digital photo with an aspect ratio of 3:4 into a classical 2:3 format (3.5x5"), your picture would first have to be adapted to the 2:3 format! Your picture must therefore first be cropped, or will be printed with a white border to the left and right. The variable format therefore means that you do not have to make any adjustments to the aspect ratio.

An example: With the size 9 format, the narrowest side of the image to be printed is automatically preset at 9cm. The width conforms to the currently available or preset image width. ) A square shaped image is delivered in the format 9cm x 9cm when selecting the size 9 format and a wide image can be delivered in the format 9cm x 18cm (and without the white border and without parts of the image cropped).

Of course, these variable picture widths are also subject to certain limits as you can see in the table below.





Size 9

8.90 cm

min 8.90 cm max. 18.00 cm

Size 10

10.20 cm

min 10.20 cm max. 18.00 cm

Size 11

11.40 cm

min 11.40 cm max. 19.00 cm

Size 13

12.70 cm

min 12.70 cm max. 19.50 cm

Size 20

20.30 cm

min 20.30 cm max. 30.50 cm

Size 30

30.50 cm

min 30.50 cm max. 50.00 cm

Size 40

40.60 cm

min 40.60 cm max. 65.00 cm

Size 50

50.80 cm

min 50.80 cm max. 75.00 cm


If you would like to order the various picture formats, simply individually select the desired formats for your images that you have chosen.


Where can I find the prices?

You can find the current price list at "Prices & Delivery". The delivery costs are charged once an order is placed.


How does the order process take place?

After selecting your pictures or designing your product in the first step of the order, you will reach the shopping basket.

Here you will see an overview of the products that you have selected. You now have the opportunity to check your order once again and make adjustments where necessary. By clicking on the tool symbol, you can go back to editing the product. If you want to delete a product from the shopping basket, click on the cross. If you have a voucher, you can already enter the relevant code into the entry field and confirm it with "redeem voucher code". To redeem a voucher code you must already be registered or log in by clicking the "Register now" button just before.

If you are not yet registered, this will need to take place during the next step - please complete all fields on the form.

In the third step, you can determine your preferred payment method. On the following screen, you will be prompted to enter all of your relevant payment information. The information is transferred to us in an encrypted form. No matter how you pay, you always receive your receipt within your delivery. If you pay via PayPal, you will be forwarded from the Lidl site to the PayPal's official payment site where you can login and pay.

On the following fourth step, please enter your payment and/or delivery address information. These can be different.

Finally, some of your order information will be listed again under the point "transfer". Here you must also accept the general Terms and Conditions. By clicking on "next step: transfer" you can begin to inspect your information and transfer photos over the internet. Please note that after submitting your order, you can no longer change the format or quantity of photos.

After successfully completing your order you will receive an order confirmation by email to the address that you have provided.


How do I find out about the status of my order?

As a registered user, you can check the latest status of your order on your user account. We will also inform you of all important order steps by email (receipt confirmation, order confirmation or processing confirmation).


How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Delivery information, as well as the delivery times stated on the order system, refer to orders that only contain that selected product (un-mixed order).

Orders with different items and delivery times are possible (mixed orders). Where possible, we send these in one shipment. The delivery time of the mixed order is dictated by the specifications of the items with the longest delivery time, including the delivery duration.

Products from the category "Wall Art" are excluded from joint shipment. A mixed order is still possible, though this takes place as a partial delivery (see identical note). The delivery time information of the respective article applies to partial deliveries (provided it is an unmixed part).

When ordering several products (mixed orders), the highest respective shipping cost amount will only be made payable once for the entire order.

The "delivery time" commences the day after your order is placed and ends on the last day of the defined period. Deliveries on Sundays and bank holidays are excluded.

Please note the differing order times for punctual delivery before Christmas. These are listed separately.

Unfortunately, merging several orders is no longer possible.

The ordered items are only sent to you only by mail.


Can I also pick up my order from a Lidl store?

No, the ordered items are only shipped to you by mail and cannot be picked up at Lidl stores.


General technical questions

What are the system requirements for my PC?

You require a computer with internet access software and an ISDN or preferably DSL connection.

The system requirements for the order software are:

- Pentium 4 with 1.8 GHz or similar

- Windows 2000 / Windows XP (SP2) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/8.1

- A minimum of 1 GB free main memory

- 512 MB of available program memory

- 512 MB of available user memory

- A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels



- Intel-based CPU

- From MacOS X 10.7

- A minimum of 1 GB free main memory

- 512 MB of available program memory

- 512 MB of available user memory

- A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels 


Where can I adjust the cookie and JavaScript options?

To do this, please use the help function of your chosen browser.


I have a problem connecting the order software to the internet. How can I solve this?

If you cannot connect our software to the internet, please check the following: On the order software's "options" menu point, find the "connection" point. If necessary, please enter the necessary proxy settings that you have received from your internet provider. It is also possible that you have installed and activated firewall software that is preventing the software from connecting to the internet. At minimum, please open ports 80 and 443 for the order software. In some cases, the virus protection program also prevents the transfer of data. In this case, please deactivate the virus protection program for the duration of the transfer.


The order software is available for which operating systems?

You can download the software for Microsoft Windows and Mac on this website. If you have another operating system, you can only order via the website.


How do I use the order software?

The order software is very easy and intuitive to use. However, there is an integrated help function should you encounter any difficulties.

If we have not answered your question, then you can get in touch with us via our contact form.