Whether it’s a birthday party, a holiday or an engagement, we like taking photos of special occasions in our lives, because we just want to capture and immortalise every single moment for eternity. But before all those memories fall into oblivion in the depths of your computer archive, you should have your favourite pictures developed, because only then will your memories have the brilliant finish they deserve. Of course, you should come to Lidl, because we print every digital photo in the highest premium quality.

The use of premium paper will impart a high degree of light resistance and colour brilliance to your photos for many years while making your memories resistant to dirt and other environmental influences.

The aspect ratio of your photos:

Your digital camera will usually shoot and save your images with an aspect ratio of 3:4.
This means that when printing the photo in a 10x15 cm format (corresponds to an aspect ratio of 2:3), part of the picture would be cut off.

Alternatively, the format can be reduced so that the complete image remains visible.
The format will then be approx. 10x13 cm in size.

Overview of photo print formats:

  • 3.5x5" (approx. 9x13 cm)
  • 6x4"    (approx. 10x15 cm)
  • 6x4.5" (approx. 11x17 cm)
  • 7x5"    (approx. 13x18 cm)